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Disinfection Services in Bakersfield

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Kill 100% of Coronaviruses Such As SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) In Rooms

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Sterilized rooms are ready for use immediately afterward, no wipe down.

We Decontaminate N95 Masks

We specialize in:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Bus
  • Churches
  • Stadiums & Locker rooms
  • Biotech Labs
  • Military & Governmental Facilities
  • Public Building
  • Factory & Production 

Disinfect everything
from floor to ceiling.

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disinfection services edison award gold winner plaque

Using a vapor machine with green products we sterilize 100% of all surfaces within any type of room, no wipe down, completely bio-degradable

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Nursing Home Disinfection
Our Best Work

Nursing Home Disinfection is one of our top priorities because we are seeing the greatest need AND our service can have the greatest impact.

Our most vulnerable population is at great risk when one member of a nursing home facility unknowingly contracts the virus.

The worst spread of COVID-19 comes from those who are asymptomatic carriers,
people who look and feel relatively healthy and don’t feel like a threat to others.

We can disinfect rooms within 50 minutes and ready for immediate use without any additional wipedown. There are no toxic residual chemicals left behind.

Our vapors mostly made from peroxide and water vapor can cover every surface of the room from floor to ceiling.

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Incredible Vapor Machine fills entire room from floor to ceiling.

We sterilize every surface it comes in contact with
to kill 100% of Coronaviruses (COVID-19).

Is Someone You Love at Risk with any of the following Conditions?

Nursing Home Stats in US on
17 Major Risk Factors that Contributed to COVID-19
Deaths since February

ConditionAge GroupNumber of COVID-19 DEATHS
Adult respiratory distress syndrome65-744509
Alzheimer disease65-74262
Cardiac arrest65-743462
Cardiac arrhythmia65-741157
Cerebrovascular diseases65-741217
Chronic lower respiratory diseases65-742244
Heart failure65-741258
Hypertensive diseases65-745400
Influenza and pneumonia65-7411011
Ischemic heart disease65-742462
Renal failure65-742381
Respiratory arrest65-74505

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We also specialize in churches and stadiums of all sizes

Big or Small We clean it all

  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Stadiums
  • Factories

Complicated or Cramped, we clean all surfaces in any type of room.
Our equipment, chemicals, and expertise provide the best sterilization processes to destroy deadly viruses.

Nursing Home Deaths Related to Coronavirus COVID-19

Date last updatedTownAssisted living facilityTotal number of bedsResidents with laboratory confirmed COVID-19Number of new laboratory confirmed cases reported in past weekCOVID-19 associated deaths among residents: laboratory confirmedCOVID-19 associated deaths among residents: probable
6/9/20RidgefieldRidgefield Crossings9755215
6/19/20WaterburyThe Village at East Farms14643082
6/9/20South WindsorThe Village At Buckland Court1153895
5/14/20StratfordSpring Village at Stratford553577
5/22/20WaterburyThe Village at East Farms1463524
5/14/20WaterburyVillage at East Farms1463520
6/19/20HamdenBenchmark Senior Living at Hamden10134084
6/19/20Rocky HillAtrium at Rocky Hill60330111
6/4/20HamdenBenchmark Senior Living at Hamden1013383
6/19/20WoodbridgeThe Linden at Woodbridge9333061
5/22/20Rocky HillThe Atrium at Rocky Hill (BAL)603283
5/29/20Rocky HillAtrium at Rocky Hill603283
5/29/20HamdenBenchmark Senior Living at Hamden1013265
5/14/20WoodbridgeThe Linden at Woodbridge933224
5/14/20Rocky HillThe Atrium at Rocky Hill603093
6/9/20HamdenMeadow Mills4127100
5/22/20GlastonburyThe Hearth at Glastonbury1392762
6/9/20HartfordThe Heights at Avery Heights1472750
6/9/20MiddletownThe Village at South Farms1072710
5/22/20HartfordThe Heights at Avery Heights1472700
5/29/20MiddletownThe Village at South Farms1072700
5/22/20DanburyMaplewood at Danbury8726121
6/9/20NewtownMaplewood at Newtown1242663
6/4/20NewtownMaplewood at Newtown1242653
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Someone In Your Life Have COVID-19?

OR does your family work
with a person who got COVID-19?

Contact us right away and we can help sterilize the places you work, worship, live, and play.

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If your looking for a home disinfection solution you might find one of these products helpful:


Product: Lysol® Brand Cling & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner
: Reckitt Benckiser LLC
Contact Time: 0.5 (30 seconds)
Active Ingredient:Quaternary ammonium
Emerging Pathogen Claim: Yes
Date Added to List:3/3/20

Product: CW32A-RTU
: Ecolab Inc
Contact Time: 0.5 (30 seconds)
Active Ingredient:Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid; Lactic acid
Emerging Pathogen Claim: Yes
Date Added to List:4/9/20

Product: Oxy-1 Wipes
: Virox Technologies Inc
Contact Time: 0.5 (30 seconds)
Active Ingredient:Hydrogen peroxide
Emerging Pathogen Claim: Yes
Date Added to List:3/13/20

Product: Charleston
: GOJO Industries Inc
Contact Time: 0.5 (30 seconds)
Active Ingredient:Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol)
Emerging Pathogen Claim: No
Date Added to List:7/16/20

Product: Lysol® Neutra Air® 2 in 1
: Reckitt Benckiser LLC
Contact Time: 0.5 (30 seconds)
Active Ingredient:Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol)
Emerging Pathogen Claim: No
Date Added to List:3/13/20

If you think you have a virus please check out a local facility of contact a facility in Thurman:

List of Local Places to get tested

Northwestern Memorial Hospital(312) 472-6843259 E Erie St Chicago, IL 60611https://www.nm.org/conditions-and-care-areas/infectious-disease/covid-19
Advanced Urgent Care(800) 597-50775907 W 63rd St Chicago, IL 60638https://24advancedcare.com/
Aayu Clinics, Lakeview(773) 545-69001645 A W School St Chicago, IL 60657https://www.aayuclinics.com/services-1
Friend Health: Cottage Grove(866) 600-2273800 E 55th St Chicago, IL 60615https://friendfhc.org/covid.html
Howard Brown Health 55th St(888) 352-78741525 E 55th St Chicago, IL 60637https://howardbrown.org/event/covid-19-cancellations-and-closures/

If your coworkers have COVID-19
OR your family members have COVID-19

The next best thing to do is find the best ways to sterilize your home environment. Taking all precautions is best. After social distancing yourself and or quarantining your family members you’ll need to wash down all common areas. Here is a list of powerful products that might help.

Cleaning Solutions that kill CORONAVIRUSES

ProductCompanyContact TimeActive IngredientsEmerging Pathogen Claim?Date Added to List
Lysol® Brand Cling & Fresh Toilet Bowl CleanerReckitt Benckiser LLC0.5 (30 seconds)Quaternary ammoniumYes3/3/20
CW32A-RTUEcolab Inc0.5 (30 seconds)Dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid; Lactic acidYes4/9/20
Oxy-1 WipesVirox Technologies Inc0.5 (30 seconds)Hydrogen peroxideYes3/13/20
CharlestonGOJO Industries Inc0.5 (30 seconds)Ethanol (Ethyl alcohol)No7/16/20


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